Welcome, fellow Sojourner

We are pilgrims on a journey. We seek to live out of a biblical worldview in the South African context. We look the the Lord Jesus Christ as a Shepherd, and follow where He leads.

  • Progressing Backwards
    For all her generations the greatest test of the Church has been whether or not she accepts God’s Word as true. That test faces our generation again today.
  • Fruitful in Christ
    Have you ever felt like an uprooted plant? Christians are people who were once growing in the rocky soil of sin and destruction. The Gardener has lovingly uprooted and replanted them in His own garden where they receive new life, clean water and the care they need to flourish.
  • Heaven’s Stars in the Dark South African Sky
    Darkness makes the light more obvious. So, Church, in the darkness of our land are we blazing like stars, or are we a dull flicker? Does the Truth shine out from the Church, or does it fade into the haze?
  • This Way Up, South Africa
    Contra post-modernism, morality is not determined by the opinion of the majority. Right and wrong are determined by the very character of God Himself. What is right, is right according to the goodness, justice, wisdom, power, and love of the Living God. What is wrong is wrong because it contradicts all of Who God is and what His revealed will is.
  • Why We Baptised Our Children
    Because I belong to God, my household belongs to Him. That is the covenant family. I cannot say with certainty that all my children are elect. Just like all believers they are commanded to “make their calling and election sure”.