Col 1:1-2: Living in Two Realities

Colossians 1:1-2

What are the anchors which give stability to your life? What do you lean on when the challenges come? Where does your mind run when the days are dark?

Christ Jesus is the anchor that stabilizes our entire life experience. Note that Paul describes himself as an apostle (that is, a “sent one”) of Christ Jesus by the will of God.

First, he knows that he has a mission: he has been sent with a message. Today we have the same mission. Christians are ambassadors for the Eternal King Jesus and are sent into the world to live and speak His truth.

Second, Paul knows his Master: he has been sent by Christ (“Messiah”, or anointed one – the Prophet, Priest and King) Jesus. What greater Master can you have? The One Who washed the feet of His disciples, Who went to the cross to save His people, is the Master Whom we serve above all else.

Do your heart and your head need a reminder of Whom you serve? Are you currently serving yourself, your comforts, or your fears and not trusting the Great Master Who is gentle and merciful and kind?

Third, Paul knows that everything he faces is by the will of God. Much of our anxiety would fade if we recognized that all parts of our lives are sovereignly overruled by the God Who is both strong and good, powerful and loving.

This is the blessing of being “ïn Christ” while still being “at Colossae”. The Colossian believers, like us, had to live a daily reality of a city in decay, of a society that rejected the truth of Christ and chased the idols of man-made wisdom and philosophy. By the will of God they had been set apart from the trappings of the world to be faithful brothers in Christ.

Your identity is not based on where you come from, or what you are doing, but on the One to Whom we belong. If you belong to Christ, you will be able to live for Him right where He has called you, in your family, your work, your community because your Master grants you His grace and His peace and teaches you to call God your Father.

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