Col 1:15 Knowing the Redeemer-King

Colossians 1:15 The great rescue mission has been completed! The people sitting in darkness have seen a great light, and the Prince of Peace has ridden victorious into the City of Man, burst open the dungeons, and lead a victory parade to Heaven with the redeemed slaves marching in triumphant procession behind Him. Meeting the Rescuer Writing to this small flock of believers who are under pressure from religious philosophies and cultural norms, Paul wisely raises their gaze to look… Read moreCol 1:15 Knowing the Redeemer-King

Col 1:9-14 Praying As a Kingdom Citizen

Colossians 1:9-14 As people who are “in Christ”, but “at Colossae” (that is, citizens of the world in which God has placed us, yet belonging elsewhere), every day, in fact, every moment, brings us to a point of decision: will I follow Jesus in what I am about to do, or in the decision that I am about to make, or in the way I treat other people? Or will I follow the ways of worldly wisdom?  Will I please… Read moreCol 1:9-14 Praying As a Kingdom Citizen

Col 1:3-8 What Grows in Our Garden

What is the greatest compliment you have been given? What would you love to hear someone say that would light up your day?

Paul is excited about this small Colossian church and he commends them in this way: “We give thanks to God … praying always for you”. He encourages these Greek believers by saying, “I thank God for you!” It is God Who deserves all the credit for the fruitfulness of what is happening here.

Col 1:1-2: Living in Two Realities

Colossians 1:1-2 What are the anchors which give stability to your life? What do you lean on when the challenges come? Where does your mind run when the days are dark? Christ Jesus is the anchor that stabilizes our entire life experience. Note that Paul describes himself as an apostle (that is, a “sent one”) of Christ Jesus by the will of God. First, he knows that he has a mission: he has been sent with a message. Today we… Read moreCol 1:1-2: Living in Two Realities